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Apple Pay sign up allows you to gain access to a mobile payment service that offers users a faster and secured way to make payments. Apple pay gives users the opportunity to make contactless payments with ease. We are gradually going past the days when people have to make payments by swiping their debit or credit cards across a card reader. Apple pay has come to give people a better option to pay for their food, rides, go for shopping and pay for their goods with just a click. With Apple pay, users can simple pay for their goods and services using their mobile phone and a PIN or face ID to make payments. If you have a device such as an Apple devices and iOS devices that are compatible, then you can make payments easily using Apple pay without hassles. And you don’t have to worry if your payment data is safe because Apple Pay provides some security measures that ensure that your Payment details are safe and secured.
There are two parts of Apple pay – Apple Wallet which is an app that is compatible with iOS devices that allows you to set up your credit and debit card to make payments and purchases online and Apple cash which is a mobile payment app that allows you to send and receive funds easily. One of the advantages of using Apple Pay is that there are also no limits when using Apple Pay. Another good thing about Apple pay is that the setting up process is easy and doesn’t take much time and also Apple pay is compatible to many major card providers. Apple pay works in most Apple devices except iPhone 5s, you can use the Apple pay platform on Apple watch, Mac, iPad, iPhone.
If you want to enjoy the freedom and convenience of making contactless payments and you are looking for a secured service platform where you can safe your payment data and make payments anytime you want then consider signing up to Apple Pay on your Apple device. We will show you the step by step process involved in creating an Apple Pay account. Here is how to go about it.


Apple Pay sign up

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Devices that support Apple Pay


You can use Apple Pay on Apple devices but not all Apple devices are compatible with Apple Pay. The Apple devices that are compatible with Apple Pay include iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus and the newer models, Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and newer versions, Apple watch series 1 and newer versions. You can also use Apple pay on Macs. Old models of iPhone 5s are not compatible with Apple Pay.
Make sure that you are using the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS depending on the device you want to set up Apple Pay on.

Apple Pay Sign up

How to Sign up to Apple pay on your iPhone
It will be a good idea to sign up to Apple Pay on your iPhone because it makes it easily accessible and convenient for you to make payments because our phone is always handy. To set up Apple pay on iPhone, follow the steps below:
Check if you have the latest version of iOS on your phone by going to the ‘software update’, if you do, open the wallet app on your device.
On the top right corner click on the ‘+’ button or tap on Add card.
Tap on ‘continue’ and choose if you want to add Credit or Debit card or Apple card to Apple pay.
You can choose to scan the debit card or the credit card to upload all the information of the card or you can enter the information manually. Click on ‘Next’.
Enter the security code of the card and the expiry date and click on ‘Next’.
Read the terms and conditions and agree to it.
Choose the method you would like for verification whether by email, text or by phone call. When you get the verification code, type it in the required field and then click on ‘Next’.
Your information will be verified by your bank or your card provider. After the information has been verified, click on ‘Next’.
Once you are done with the steps above you can now start using Apple Pay on your iPhone.

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How to sign up to Apple Pay on your Apple watch


You can also set up Apple Pay on your apple watch; follow the Steps below for the set up process:
To set up Apple Pay on your Apple watch, you need your iOS device. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app.
Go to the ‘My Watch’ tab and click on ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ and then ‘Add card’. Click on ‘Continue’.
You can choose to add your card information by scanning your card using your iPhone camera or you can enter your card information manually. Click on ‘Next’ when you are done with this procedure.
Type in the expiration date of your card and the security code and click on ‘Next’.
Choose the method you will like for verification, whether by text, email or phone call and type in the verification code given to you in the field required. Click on ‘Next’.
Your information will be verified by your card provider or your bank. When this is done, click on ‘next’.

To sign up to Apple Pay on your macOS

To set up Apple pay with mac, you will need a version with Touch ID. To set up Apple Pay with mac, follow the steps below:
In your Mac, go to ‘system preferences’ and then ‘wallet & Apple Pay’.
Click on ‘Add card’ then click on ‘Continue’.
Follow the same steps as the setting up process for iPhone to complete the setting up process.

If you are using a Mac without a Touch ID or you are using a 2012 version or later, you need to set up Apple pay on the device together with your mobile device or your Apple watch. Just go to settings and click on ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ and then turn on ‘Allow Payments for Mac’.

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