Arris Router Login - arris.com Sign in | Sign in to Arris Router
May 28, 2023

Arris Router Login – arris.com Sign in | Sign in to Arris Router

Arris Router Login will give you access to your Arris Router. You might want to log into your Arris router
for different purposes such as if you want to change the settings of your router, you want to change
your password, to perform any router configuration set up or to perform other functions. Arris router
has become one of the popular routers people use to access WIFI. Arris router has a fast speed, good
connection and strength.
So if you have gotten the Arris Router and you want to manage the settings of the router, connect to
WIFI, disconnect other guest networks as well as perform other configuration set up in your Arris
Router- you need to log in. This article will guide you on how to login to your Arris Router, we will also
show you the Arris default password as well as other details you need about the Arris Router.

Arris Router Login

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Arris Router IP address

For you to be able to perform the Arris Router login, you need the IP address. We will show you how to
find your Arris IP address on your windows PC and OS X. Follow the procedures below for the steps:

Finding the Router IP address on your windows PC

To find the Arris IP address on your windows PC all you need to do is to:
1. Press win+r together and the run prompt will open.
2. Type cmd on the search bar and press enter and the command prompt will open.
3. Type inconfig | findstr / I “Gateway” in the command prompt and press enter.
4. You will see your IP address beside the default gateway. Your IP address will look much like this
After following the steps above, you have successfully gotten your IP address for your Arris
Router in your windows PC.

Finding Arris Router IP address on OS X

To find your Arris Router IP address on your OS X, follow the steps below:
1. Go to the OS X terminal and click on finder- click on applications- click on utilities – click on
terminal. You can either follow the process above, or you can press cmd+ press together
and then type terminal.
2. Type in netstat – nr | grep default and press the enter button.
3. You will see your Arris Router IP address for OS X in this form

Arris Router Login

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Arris Router Login

As said earlier there are many reasons you will need to login to your Arris Router. To login to your Arris
Router, follow the steps below:


1. The first step required for the login process is to connect your Arris Router either using a wired
connection or you can do a wireless connection using your phone or your computer. When you
are connecting, make sure that the connection is right. It is advisable to use the wired
connection to avoid any interruptions.
2. Once your connection has been established, open your web browser and enter your Routers
default IP address in the address bar. If the IP address does not work, you can use
3. After entering your Routers IP address, you will be taken to the Arris Router Login page where
you will need to enter your Router default username and password and click on’ login’. The
default password is ‘password’ and the default username is ‘admin’.
After following the steps above, you will be a taken to the Arris Router control panel where you can
go ahead and make your settings and other configurations.

How to Reset the Router

You will need to input the default password to carry out your Arris Router login. When you have
logged in successfully, you can decide to reset your Arris Router. Below are the steps to follow to
reset your Arris Router:
1. Switch on your Arris Router and then press and hold the reset button for up to 15 seconds. If
you cannot find your Routers reset button, you can check the user’s manual or you can browse
about your Router model. You can use something long if you cannot reach the rest button easily.
2. While pressing and holding the reset button, you need to wait for the reset process to be
completed and after it has completed, you have successfully reset your Router.
You can also reset your Router by following the steps below:
1. This step is a bit complex compared to the step above. Log in to your Arris Router using your
Router IP address.
2. Locate ‘Utilities’ and then browse through till you locate the factory reset option and then click
on reset the device to default settings. After clicking, wait for sometime till the Arris router reset
is completed and you have successfully reset your Router.
You can decide to change your Router password from the default password to another password as
well as your username.

To configure your Arris Router

You can decide to make any changes you want to make in your Arris Router, but it is advisable that
before you make any configuration in your Router, you should write down all the default settings in
your router before you decide to make any other changes to your Router. By writing down the
default settings in your Router, you can return back easily to the original settings in case you
encounter any problem. If you have made any mistakes and cannot change it, you can reset back
your Router to its default settings by using the reset process above. Note that once you reset your
browser, all your current settings will be wiped off.

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