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May 28, 2023
Bill Gates Scholarships

Bill Gates Scholarships Program 2022 | United States | Fully Funded

Students who have been looking for fully funded scholarships are advised to apply for the Bill Gates Scholarships Program, 2022, as it is a fully funded scholarship by Bill and Melinda Gates with no payment requirements for scholars to study in the United States. This scholarship is awarded to 300 persons so as to help intellectual scholars receive the aid they need (especially financially), along with the network and building required of potential leaders. There are many things to note about the Bill Gates Scholarships Program and they include:

  • Funding

The funds acquired from the Bill Gates Scholarships Program are tailor-made for various kinds of students. Owing to the type of student one is, the following are generally provided – academic fees, maintenance allowance, airtime fare, visa costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. There is also funding for families, hardship, and paternal or maternal expenses, and each depends on the situation of the individual and the discretion of the program.

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  • Eligibility

Since the program is aimed at procuring and culturing the best, a bar is set for scholars who seek to apply for the Bill Gates Scholarships Program. To apply for the scholarship, you have to be a citizen of a country that is not in the United Kingdom, have an exceptional GPA (for instance, a 3.3 out of a 4.0 scale is acceptable), must be eligible for a Pell grant, must be at least an African-American/Asian & Pacific Islander-American/Hispanic-American/American-Indian, must be a high school senior, and must be applying for one of the available courses as a full-time course of study (a four-year degree program), must not have financial support from other sources.

It will be beneficial to note that one would be considered more favorably if one possesses: an outstanding academic record (top tier percentile in school), exceptional talent, skills, emotional intelligence, leadership abilities, and extracurricular.

  • Available Courses

Courses available under the Bill Gates Scholarships Program include undergraduate degree courses, part-time degrees, Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE), non-degree courses, Doctor of Medicine degree, Master of Finance, undergraduate programs, Master of Business, MBBChir Clinical Studies, a graduate course in medicine, and Business Doctorate.

  • Required Documents

Documents required for the Bill Gates Scholarships Program include a study plan, statement of purpose, letter of motivation (reason for applying), copies of undergraduate or graduate certificates, a passport copy (at least one year valid), research proposal (for a doctoral degree), copies of all transcripts, curriculum vitae (for application), scholarship application résumé, statement of intention, and recommendation letters (from at least two professors from previous institutions).

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  • Procedure

To apply for the Bill Gates Scholarships Program, you are required to:

    • Create your profile.
    • Submit your application to the University’s Graduate Application Portal.
    • Complete each section, including the section for course application, the questionnaire, the admission section (include details about yourself, the specific graduate course you are applying for, your qualifications and goals), statement section (explain why you are applying and how you meet the four basic requirements).
    • Submit a reference (this time a specific one, rating your competence and suitability for the scholarship).
    • Prepare for and ace the interview.

Note that one can take advantage of their profile to connect with the scholarship team, learn about future volunteering opportunities

  • Deadline

Applications are being received, and the expected deadline for the Bill Gates Scholarships Program 2022 is September 15, 2022.

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  • Updates

A Master of Science Program in Sanitation has been included in the Bill Gates Scholarships Program, in collaboration with the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE Delft). This program would greatly benefit people who successfully apply for it, as the best minds will share the knowledge and skills required for the course.

A distinguished scholar with no financial means of meeting the furtherance of his education is advised to apply for this scholarship, as it will give you the boost needed for the achievement of your goals. Remember that to be included in your goals is the need to give back to the community, the humility to lead, an avenue for innovation, and the willingness to be of service towards developing the world. Good luck to the best minds with similar goals.

To apply, visit the Official Website of the Gates Scholarship Program.

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