British Council Free Online Courses for Summers 2020
May 28, 2023
British Council Free Online Courses

British Council Free Online Courses for Summers 2020

Development is through planning, learning, unlearning, and relearning. Persons who are interested in development usually seek courses that will aid them in their growth. The British Council Free Online Courses for Summers 2020 provides such courses for such persons in order to gain significant knowledge in the areas in which they are interested. These courses, available each year for a period of four to twelve weeks, give you an opportunity to study online at universities in the United Kingdom. Below is information you need to know when applying for the British Council Free Online Courses for Summers 2020:

  • Cost

The online courses provided by the British Council Free Online Courses are free, but some certificates are not. It is advised to complete the courses you can, and pay for the certificates, or apply for funding, as they have provided funding to a great many numbers of people. One can additionally hold off payment if one cannot pay at the moment. Persons who are looking to further their courses (for a Master’s Degree Programme or a postgraduate course) will have to pay the required amount.

  • Eligibility for British Council Free Online Courses

The Online Courses provides courses for persons all over the world without age restriction or academic qualifications. Persons who want to apply are free to apply. The courses are given in the English language so persons are advised to have a grasp of the language when applying.

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  • Free Online Courses

The British Council Free Online Courses provides courses for the following fields: nature and environment, history, healthcare and medicine, IT and computer science, teaching, Literature, Politics & Society, Law, study skills, Language, psychology & mental health, Creative Arts and media, Business & Management, Science, Engineering and Maths.

  • Benefits

The benefits of the British Council Free Online Courses include online free classes, some free certificates, learning how to work more efficiently, understanding your skills and how to use them, doing the courses at convenient periods, and not having to travel for a course and certificate.

  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS)

The British Council provides the following courses for the IELTS: IELTS Online Writing Course, IELTS Online Speaking Course, IELTS Online Listening Course, and IELTS Online Reading Course. It also allows you to take the IELTS and receive your results, although one is required to pay for the test. However, one can take advantage of the practice tests and other access which are free, like WORDREADY – a personalized vocabulary development tool that will help you become more proficient, online practice test materials, and the road to the last-minute course on IELTS which provides you with many materials on activities, two practice tests for each of the four skills, and tutorial videos.

  • The New Study UK Online Course

This is a recent course provided by the British Council which helps you with information on the United Kingdom as a study destination. It provides you with the opportunity to join an online community, connect with them and receive access to opportunities, network with others and gain experience, and learn. Topics taught in this course include:

    • Reasons why people apply for the United Kingdom.
    • Benefits of studying in the United Kingdom.
    • Understanding the support the United Kingdom provides for learners.
    • Effectively using provided resources.
    • Instructions on the skills and knowledge required for the right courses.

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  • Free Trials

Courses that are not free on the British Council Free Online Courses for Summers have free trials that one can take advantage of. One of such courses is the Business English course, which involves learning how to successfully go through an interview, talk about company structures, make plans, express your thoughts and give ideas in a professional setting. These courses target your personal needs and choose classes that will be able to make you meet them.

It is quite difficult for one to make a decision to develop oneself, but, with the help of this information, putting in effort and adequate research, one can find free courses on the British Council Free Online Courses that will be of immense benefit, and complete them, climbing another step towards growth.

These free online courses are basically to give you sound knowledge about what you need to know in order to remain globally relevant.

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