Google form is a free online software that allows one to make surveys or create quizzes for people in order to get information from them. You don’t need to pay to create a Google form, however, you need to have a Google account in order to create one but the good news is that other people can fill in your form without having to create a Google account. You can use Google form for other purposes other than creating quizzes and surveys such as gathering and saving data for your spreadsheet as well as other uses.  Apart from the form being easy to use, creating a Google form is also pretty easy if you know the steps required to create one. This article will guide you on how to create a Google form and other things you need to know about Google forms so let’s get to it.

About Google Form


Google form is part of Google’s web-based app suite which also includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google drawings and others. The software is an online survey tool where users can create and edit surveys as well as make questionnaires in order to get the information they need from people. To create a Google form, you need to have a Google account but other people can also get the opportunity to fill out your form or answer your quizzes without having a Google account. You can also connect Google Forms to your spreadsheet to save your data automatically. Creating a Google form is free and when creating one you get a chance to customize your form by adding a simple photo or theme, you can add drag and drop questions or add a standard question type in whichever order you want it.

How to Create Google Form

To create a Google Form, you must first sign up for your Google account, and if you don’t have a Google account, you need to create one. Here are the steps to follow to create a Google account:

  1. Visit account.google.com and click on Create account then select For Myself;
  2. You will need to provide your name (first and last name), username, password on the new page provided to you in order to create your account;
  3. A message  will be sent to you to verify your phone number;
  4. After verifying your phone number, you will be required to provide a recovery email address, date of birth and your gender then agree to the Google Privacy statement and  Terms of service;
  5. Your account has been created.

After creating your Google account, you can go ahead to create a Google form by following the steps below:

Create a blank Form: To create a blank Google form, visit forms.google.com and then click on Blank or choose a template and then the new form will open. You can also create a Google form from Google drive by visiting drive.google.com in the top left corner click on New and then click on Google Forms as seen in the image below:

Create Google Form


You can then name your form by clicking Untitled Form on the top left corner of your page or you can click on the Template form name and type in a new name. You can also add a description of your form under the form name.

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How to Customize your Form

To customize your Google form, click on the palette icon at the top of the page and choose a header image from one of the photos provided or you can decide to add a photo of your choice by clicking Choose image. You can also edit the font style, the background colour and the primary colour of your form.


Note that all the changes you make to your Google are automatically saved you can preview your changes by clicking on the Preview icon.

How to add questions to your Google form

To add questions to your Google form first click on Untitled question and then type in your questions. When typing you will get suggestions based on the type of question you are asking. You can change the question type by clicking on the Down arrow. You can add your response options if it is applicable to the type of question you are asking. If you want to specify to people that they must answer a particular question, click on Required.  If you want to add a new question, click on Add question and you can duplicate the question you have asked by clicking on Duplicate

How to Create a Quiz Using your Google Form

To create a quiz using your Google form, click on Plus in our Google form and at the top right corner, click Settings. After you have clicked on settings, click Quizzes and then click Make this quiz then click Save.

How to Add an Image or Video to your Google Form


To add an image or YouTube video to your Google Form by clicking on Add Image to add an image and click on Add video to add a video. Choose the image or video you want to add and then click Select.

You can also add an image to a particular question or answer, and to do this you need to click on a question or an answer and then to the right, click on Add image then upload or choose the image you want to upload then click on Select.

To view responses on your Google form

To view responses on your Google form, go to the top of your Google form and click on Responses, then click Summary.

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