Are you looking for a way to access Netflix and sign in to your account? You will learn exactly that in this article. ‘Netflix and chill’ is gradually becoming a thing as people are now seeking ways to entertain themselves and unwind after a hectic day. Netflix is an entertainment platform where people stream videos and watch a variety of interesting video content ranging from documentaries, TV shows, movies and many more. There are thousands of content on the Netflix platform and new content are being uploaded to the platform on a daily basis. Creating an account on Netflix is free; the only thing you need to access Netflix is your subscribed Netflix account and a good internet connection.


Another good thing about Netflix is that there is a provision to share your account with your partner or family provided they live at the same address as you and share the same internet connection. When you create a Netflix account, you stand a chance to gain a 30-days free trial. However, after 30-days you will need to select a suitable subscription plan for the account. You cannot create a Netflix account if you are below 18 years old.

Netflix app can be downloaded for android phones on the Google play store and Apple app store for IOS devices. This article will give you tips on how to access Netflix and sign in to your account.


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How to Create a Netflix Account

Before you can sign in to Netflix, you need to first create a Netflix account. Before creating a Netflix account, it is important to note that Netflix gives a free 30-days free trial to those creating an account for the first time. However, you will still need to provide your credit card details or use any other payment method.

Creating a Netflix account involves following some simple steps; to create a Netflix account:

  • Visit the Netflix webpage at www.netflix.com/signup and click on ‘join free for a month’.
  • Go to the signup page and click on ‘view plans’. You will see a list of available streaming plans including a short description of each plan as well as their pricing information.
  • Choose the streaming plan that is suitable for you then click ‘continue’. The streaming plans available on Netflix include;
  • Basic:  This plan allows you to stream videos from one device at a time. There is no option to share your account with anyone else when you opt for this plan and you cannot watch HD videos while using this plan.
  • Standard: Subscribing to the standard plan will give you access to HD videos but you can only use the plan on 2 screens at the same time. This means that you can share the password with another person and watch HD videos at the same time.
  • Premium:  With this plan, you have access to HD videos and Ultra HD videos plus up to 4 people can stream videos from different devices at the same time with this plan.
  • After selecting the most suitable plan for you, you can then go ahead to create an account by typing your email address and choosing a strong and unique password then click ‘continue’.
  • Select a suitable payment option. You can decide to choose a credit card, PayPal or use the Netflix gift card.
  • Type in your payment details and click on ‘start Netflix membership’ to create your account.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will then wait for Netflix to confirm your card details before starting your 30 days free trial.

After creating a Netflix account, you can sign in to your account by:

  • Visit the Netflix webpage or launch the Netflix app on your mobile device.
  • Click on “Sign in”Netflix Sign in to Account
  • Type in your username, email address or phone number.
  • Type in your password and click ‘sign in’.Netflix Sign in to Account

You can sign in to Netflix using your Facebook account by:

  • Launch your mobile app and click on ‘login with Facebook
  • Input your Facebook login credentials and click ‘sign in’.

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Netflix has taken entertainment to another level by bringing entertainment to you anywhere and at any time. With Netflix, you have access to tons of great video content for you and your family to binge on. The Netflix 30 day’s free trial is available for all new users after which you will need to subscribe to a plan of your choice. What are you waiting for? Access Netflix and sign in to your account today to be part of this limitless fun!

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