How to Access Your Yahoo Mail Account in Desktop Computer
May 28, 2023

How to Access Your Yahoo Mail Account in Desktop Computer

As we all know, Yahoo does not have the award of being the most popular webmail service. That now belongs to Google’s Gmail. However, in 2020, Yahoo boasted of having over two hundred and twenty-five (225) million users. Impressive, right? Yahoo Mail is a webmail service that was launches launched on the 8th of October, 1997, by an American company known as Yahoo, Inc. Yahoo offers four email plans: out of the four, three are for personal use (Basic, Ad-Free, and Plus) and the fourth one is for businesses. Yahoo mail can be accessed in both desktop and mobile devices.

Users can be able to access as well as manage their mailboxes using a webmail interface, which is accessible when they use a standard web browser. Such as Chrome, etc. Some yahoo accounts also agreed to the use of the standard mail protocols (POP3 and SMTP).

You can access your yahoo account using devices connected to the internet. This could be your tabloid, smartphones, computers, mac books etc.

Immediately you log into Yahoo Mail on any of these devices, the app will remember your password and username and they keep you signed in.

However, If you want to log into different Yahoo Mail accounts on your device, make use of the ‘Y!’ icon to open the Manage Accounts option then you add a new account.

If you count yourself among them, you might need to access your Yahoo Mail account. It’s accessible on your mobile device (both Android and iPhone) and in a web browser on any computer or device.

Yes! You can actually access your Yahoo email from another computer with no problems. In fact, the beauty of Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail email accounts is the fact that they are available from any computer, so long as it has a web browser, as well as a live internet connection.

And no, you do not have to get a new email for each computer you use. One email address is all you need. Well, for the time being in a case you are new to the web.

In a situation where you are having trouble logging in, just try to recover your password and username. You can as well try to log in with another browser or you clear your browser’s cookies.

How to Access your Email Account


In order to access Yahoo email, you have to go through the Yahoo login page. This is where you are required to enter your account’s ID and the password.

You can as well take advantage of the “Keep me signed in” feature. This feature will enable your computer to remember your login details and would save you the stress of typing them each time you are signing in. Please do not tick this option in a case where you are accessing your Yahoo email account from a public computer, for example, one in a library or internet cafe.

How to Access Your Yahoo Mail in Desktop Computer

The webmail interface works on a great percentage of web browsers, therefore, you should have no much trouble accessing your Yahoo Mail in a desktop computer even if it runs the popular Windows operating system or a lesser operating system which is a known flavour of Linux.

Follow these steps to be able to access your Yahoo Mail in desktop computers:

  1. You have to first of all start the web browser program.
  2. Go ahead to type in the Yahoo mail sign in page address – Yahoo mail sign in page. Or you go to yahoo.com
  3. Fill in your Yahoo ID, if you already have one and the account’s password in the corresponding fields.

Make sure you uncheck the “Keep me signed in” if the desktop is not yours and hit the sign-in button.


Note: If you are making use of another person’s desktop and you see someone else’s email account instead of the login fields, look for the “sign out” link then click on it. This logs you out of the person’s yahoo mail and brings you to the Yahoo home page. Now open the sign in page once again.

This is a note for new Yahoo account holders: I would not recommend you to keep using the “Keep me signed in” feature. Although it offers you the convenience of passing the login page, problem is, there are chances you forget the Yahoo account password in a case where you don’t recall it so often. This might pose a problem for you later in the future. We would not want that now, right?

On successful login, move to your inbox and get the list of your emails.

I would suggest you spent some more time going through the help and support articles in the Yahoo mail section. I believe a lot of your questions have already been answered in the course of this.

How to Log Into Yahoo Mail on a Mobile Device

If you are making use of the Yahoo Mail app for Android or for the iPhone, once you sign in, you stay logged in permanently. This is only when you don’t sign yourself out manually. The process to log in to your Yahoo Mail is simple and it is the same even if you have an iOS or an Android device.

  1. Start the Yahoo Mail app. You can get the app on Play Store or Apple Store. In any case, you are not signed into any mail accounts, you will see the Sign In page. Tap on Sign in with Yahoo.
  2. Type in your Yahoo Mail username, your mobile number which is associated with that account or your email.
  3. Enter your account password then tap Next.
  4. After a little while, you will be signed in to your account and taken to your inbox.

Was this article helpful? Hopefully, you can now access Yahoo Mail in desktop and also on mobile devices. For further enquiries, kindly make use of the comment section below.

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