How To Activate And Order Binance Visa Card
May 28, 2023

How To Activate And Order Binance Visa Card

Looking for how to order and activate your Binance Visa Card? I will be showing you exactly that in this article.  One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges is Binance. It was found by Changpeng Zhao in Caymand Island, a high-frequency trading software developer. Binance provides a crypto wallet for users to store their funds.

In recent times people can, not only trade in crypto, they can as well buy goods and services by transferring their values from their crypto wallet to the seller.

A typical crypto card allows you to earn crypto rewards or allows you to instantly convert your crypto to fiat currency in order to pay for goods and services. Mastercard, as well as Visa, issues crypto cards. This means that you can make use of your crypto in a whole lot of locations globally.

These crypto cards are similar to the debit card, in the case that in order for you to spend from it, it has to be pre-loaded with crypto.

This makes it seem like you pay cryptocurrencies directly to your vendors, right? Well, that is not actually the case. In this situation, The seller does not receive digital currencies into their account, rather they receive fiat cash.

You might ask how you can get a crypto card. You can get these crypto cards from a licensed issuer like a crypto exchange or a bank.

Introducing Binance Visa Card

Paying bills or shopping online with crypto can be a real struggle. There are services that offer crypto as a payment method, where these people pay your bills for you and you, in turn, pay cryptocurrencies into their wallet. And this method is usually slow and costs more.

Seeing this struggle, Binance has introduced a debit card system. This card does just as much as every normal payment card does and even more. It works just like your regular debit card issued by your bank, just that this time around, the Binance card is issued by your Binance account. All you have to do is top your card with money from the Binance card app with bitcoin or BNB.

Binance Visa Card


Your card uses this for your card payments and it reduces expenses from the balance any time you make payments using it. The Binance Card will be accepted by more than forty- six million merchants, both offline and online and in two hundred regions and territories. This development will make shopping with crypto easier and faster than ever before.

Now you do not need to sell your crypto to pay bills, you can just make payments at a go! Buy groceries, buy gifts for your loved ones and pay your bills with one swipe of your card.

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Is the Visa Card Available For All?

The answer is NO. Binance Visa Card is only available to a few stipulated countries. They include users in the following countries;

Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Finland, Greece, Gibraltar, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain.


If you’re a user and you’re not in any of the aforementioned countries, you are not eligible for the Binance visa card yet.

How Do I Order And Activate My Binance Visa Card?

Already existing Binance users can apply for a Binance card. Go through this link. https://www.binance.com/en/cards

Go to Finance on the Binance home page header and click on Binance Visa Card.

Or you can select and click on Card at the footer of binance.com.

Please, note that in order to place an order for the Binance visa card, you must have completed the identity verification and you must live in the region where the card is available.

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How To Apply

Having clicked on Card on the footer of binance.com, click on Get Started. Read the KYC Consent Information carefully, then click on Confirm.

After this, you will be redirected to the Order Page. This is where you choose how you want your name to appear on the card. When you’re done, click on Continue.

Provide all the necessary information required in this section. Make sure all the information disputed is correct as well.

Once your details are confirmed, agree to the terms of use, the Privacy Policy, and the Card Holder Agreement. Complete this process by clicking on Order Your Binance Card.

When your registration becomes successful, your virtual Binance card will be issued immediately. Your virtual card will remain valid until your physical card is issued to you.

The delivery of your card might take about forty-five days to arrive at your destination. However, how fast you receive your card depends a great deal on your region/ location.

In any case where your Binance Visa Card status shows that your BVC has been shipped, but you are yet to receive your card forty-five days after you placed the order, this only means that your card might have been lost during the delivery process. If this occurs to you, do not fret. You may have to place an order for another card.

To reorder, go to My Card. There you will see a message that says that if you have not received your card, you can reorder there.

Click on Order New Card. This process is usually free of charge, you don’t need to pay any money to reorder if your card was misplaced during shipment.

Some people ask, ‘When can I activate my physical Binance Card’?

The activation button for your physical Binance Visa Card is found in the Card Dashboard. It is usually greyed out and inaccessible until the status changes from Pending then to Shipped. Immediately it changes and is marked as Shipped, you can go ahead and activate your Binance Card.

Whereas, the virtual card is automatically activated once there is a successful order.

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