How to Create Indeed Account for Employers to Find Employees
May 28, 2023

How to Create Indeed Account for Employers and Sign In to Find Employees

Are you looking for prospective employees for your organization? In this article, I will show you how to create an Indeed account for employers who are looking for employees. Indeed (ng.indeed.com) is a website that connects employers and employees online by collecting information on the details of the jobs being promoted or being sought for. In a digital age such as this, an employer should make use of access to a vast number of employees through this platform. This article is going to discuss how to create Indeed for employers to sign in.

For an employer to gain access to an employee Indeed, the employer must learn how to create Indeed account for employers, the employer also has to create an Indeed account and sign in as an employer following the following steps:

Here, you will be given various options, including help options, company reviews and a CV, for both employers and employees.

  • Click on the “Employers” option at the bottom part of the page.
  • Click on “Post a Job” option that will appear below the previously clicked “Employers” option. This will take you to a new page.
  • Click the “Post a Job” icon on the new page, and you will see another page.
  • Create an employer account and fill up the required spaces with your preferences.

You are to input your company’s name, the number of employees in your company, your first and last name, your role in the hiring process (such as the human resources manager), your hiring budget and your phone number here.

  • Click on “Save and continue”.
  • Provide basic information about the job.

Here, you fill in the title of the job and the location you want the job advertised in.

  • Click on “Save and continue”.
  • Include details on the job.

This section requires that you specify the job type (part-time, full-time, temporary, permanent…), how many hours it would take each week, how long it would take (the duration of the work. e.g. two, three months), the number of persons to be hired for the job, and how quickly you want to hire (by providing a deadline for application).

  • Click on “Save and continue”.
  • Add the remuneration you plan to offer.

You are required to add the pay range here; the minimum amount you are willing to pay and the maximum amount that you will not exceed.

  • Click on “Save and continue”.
  • Add the job description.

Describe the responsibilities of this job, required work experience, skills, or education. This area gives you the opportunity to be personal and write down exactly what you are looking for, and the responsibilities involved. You are to also specify COVID-19 precautions being taken, if you are taking any.

  • Click on “save and continue”.
  • Set your application preferences.

Here, you are to choose how you would like to receive applications (email or walk-in), if you would like employees to submit a resume, if there is an application deadline, the email you want the daily updates to be sent to, if you want persons who applied to start a conversation. There is also an employer assist that will decline candidates you are not interested in on your behalf. You are allowed to set the number of days it will automatically decline if you do not respond.

  • Click on “save and continue”.
  • Choose the qualifications you would prefer.

Creating an account on Indeed for employers to sign in also involves choosing up to three – five qualifications that you require for the job, and you can include deal breakers (you are notified of candidates who do not meet up). You are to also specify if you would provide remuneration for a candidate who is to relocate to your location, or if the candidate is expected to relocate without remuneration. In addition, you are to choose days that you will be available for an interview. There is also provision to browse more qualifications (education, language, experience, certification…).

  • Click on “save and continue”.
  • Review the job post.

This page allows for a final review of all the information provided, for corrections, additional information or removal of information.

  • Click on “confirm”.
  • Set job budget.

You are required to set the budget for the promotion of the job here. It is important to note that one can do it for free by choosing the “post without budget” option.

  • Post.

Following the above steps would promote your job offer and an email would be sent to you for each response to your offer.

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Advantages of an Employer’s Indeed Account

In addition, creating an Indeed for employers to sign in has features that give the employer additional advantages in the app include:

  • Its search feature, allows one to input a zip code, keyword, job title, company name or city to gain access to an employer, promoting an employer’s visibility.
  • Its help centre, which provides additional information on how the website works.
  • Employer events, where employers can gain access to tools needed to solve hiring challenges, new ways to hire, and friends to share strategies with.
  • Employee referral programmes, which help the employers choose employees with value.
  • Company reviews that provide good publicity for companies with efficient staff, motivating more applicants.
  • Multiple people can be given access to the employer’s company’s Indeed account. One can manage access to a company’s Indeed account by setting access levels and assigning specific functions to persons at various levels.
  • An employer’s recruitment page can be linked to Indeed.com, by clicking the “need help?” icon on the “post a job” screen, which will display support options and access to a live Web technician. An employer can also send a message or an email, requesting to add the company’s recruitment page on the website, so as to enable applicants access to them.


Indeed is a website that allows an employee access to a higher number of employees. This website allows one to input the location and preferences of the employer and employee, making it easier for suitable workers to be selected. As part of the process required for an employee to create an account, the employee is to upload a résumé, which will allow the employer to decide if the applicant is qualified enough. Having learnt how to create an Indeed account for employers, go ahead to create an Indeed account for employers to sign in following the guidelines as unveiled in this piece.

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