How to Host a Zoom Meeting with Your Colleagues -
May 28, 2023

How to Host a Zoom Meeting with Your Colleagues

In this article, I will take you through the entire process of how to host a Zoom meeting. First and foremost, before now, physical meetings were considered core, the idea that meetings or conferences can only be appealing when organized physically prevailed. Not until 2020, when Covid-19 made the entire world think otherwise. Hosting a Zoom meeting took a centre space ever since the platform has undergone reforms to suit the need of the new normal and the world has learnt to embrace it.

“It’s like a restaurant. When a customer walks into a restaurant, until they leave, the entire experience needs to be great. You can’t blame anything on anyone else.”

– Eric Yuan, Zoom.

“Work is no longer a place, it’s a space where Zoom serves to

empower your teams to connect and bring their best ideas to life.”

– Eric Yuan, Zoom

Zoom meetings brought connection closer and empowered client-satisfying. To start with, hosting a Zoom meeting is as simple as possible once you learn the processes and of course, doing yourself the good of hosting a Zoom meeting, this is because we learn better by practicalizing anything we want to really master. Once you have downloaded the Zoom App and created an account, you can host a Zoom meeting as fast and as easy as possible.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a valuable video and audio conferencing platform that aids people who desire to have meetings, celebrations etc. virtually, without distance being a barrier. Interestingly, Zoom is compatible with Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and Windows. It has made video conferencing easier and more appealing. The Zoom platform was founded in 2011, in California but became more popular in 2020, during the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Hosting a Zoom Meeting


This article will consider how to host a Zoom meeting using any of the following:

    a. Zoom Website

    b. Desktop App

    c. Mobile App

The processes are similar, only the layout will be slightly different and you can choose to host a meeting using any of them, you just have to go through the options available, then choose the one you prefer.


How to Host a Zoom Meeting

It is important to point out that whether or not you want to host a Zoom meeting using the Website, a desktop or the mobile app, you have similar or near similar options to select from in order to host a Zoom meeting.

Guide on how to host a Zoom meeting:

  1. Head over to the Zoom website, desktop version or mobile app and sign in to your account. You may be prompted to either input your email or sign in through Facebook or Google.
  2. To sign in, input your username or email and password. You should be automatically directed to the meetings page, if you are not, kindly click on meetings after signing in.
  3. Click schedule a meeting, you’ll be welcomed by a page where you’ll have to input the details of the meeting that you want to host. On that page, input the necessary details.

You would see varied things to set up in order to host a meeting. All you need to do is read the options available and choose wisely, i.e enable the correct settings.

    a. Topic or title of the meeting (name of the meeting): this is the heading you want your meeting to have and the title that those you invite for the Zoom meeting would definitely see.

    b. Description (optional): what the meeting is absolutely about, a brief explanation.

    c. When: this involves the date and time that you prefer to host the meeting.

    d. Duration: length of time of the Zoom meeting.

    e. Time zone: this includes the necessary options as to the time zone to host the meeting, whether you want to host a recurring meeting or not, etc.

    f. Setting up a meeting ID: it’s like an access code that grants entrance to people invited by the host of a Zoom meeting.

    g. Security: it’s set by default.

    h. Video: allowing video on or off.

During Zoom meetings, a host needs to get acquainted with certain features such as ‘share screen’, ‘chat’ and ‘record’. These features or options are key to being a successful host.

The ‘share screen’ tab allows the host to share the screen with participants on the call, and grants access to co-host(s) to share the screen too.

Furthermore, the ‘chat’ tab enables a Zoom host to read comments, reply to comments, share files etc. On the other hand, a host must know how to ‘record’ meetings, this can be done by taking permission and/or informing participants on the call about that.

In discussing how to host a Zoom meeting, one must also learn how to invite others. This can be done manually either through calendar invites or via email. How to host a Zoom meeting involves steps taken before hosting a meeting such as downloading the Zoom App, registering and signing in, as well as hosting the said Zoom meeting all through to ending the Zoom meeting.

In furtherance, Zoom meeting IDs can also be sent to intending participants before the due date. Reminders are as well to be placed. These are essential phases of how to host a Zoom meeting as expected to be championed by the host.

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Christopher Isak, GPA has the following words to share:

“Zoom achieved more than other video conferencing startups have achieved in a short time span. It started out as a niche tool and could not convince all enterprises to switch in the early days. With a growing number of users and effort spent to make the platform more secure, Zoom has become a more serious competitor in the enterprise communications world.”

To host a Zoom meeting is never rocket science, even a well-guided 5 year old can navigate around the environment and set up a successful meeting. The only requirement is to host a Zoom meeting as often as needed by yourself, take some time before the meeting starts in order to test run the entire process with a friend and see how it goes.

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