How to Improve LinkedIn Profile Strength Levels to Unlock More Potentials
May 28, 2023

How to Improve LinkedIn Profile Strength Levels to Unlock More Potentials

LinkedIn is a social media platform where professionals can meet to connect and share professional opinions and also where job seekers can post their resumes so as to get opportunities that suit their profession. LinkedIn is a site for professionals and because of that, it is important to improve your LinkedIn profile strength; your aim should be to reach the all-star LinkedIn profile status. You might be wondering why this is necessary, it is necessary because the more professional and complete your profile on LinkedIn is the more you make a good impression on whoever views your LinkedIn profile because as you already know – first impression matters and it could also increase your chances of getting good job opportunities as well as contracts. As a business owner, increasing your LinkedIn profile strength is important because that is only the time you can start creating business or company pages.

You can only reach a LinkedIn all-star status if your  LinkedIn profile is filled with information that is useful with endorsements and recommendations and you have connected to at least 50 people. LinkedIn does this to increase trust because as you know trust is a very important tool in any professional setting. If you want to increase your LinkedIn profile strength to create a good impression on other professionals who visit your page or to increase your chances of getting that dream job or contract then you might want to continue reading this article because this article will guide you on how to improve your LinkedIn profile strength levels so as to unlock more potentials and also show you that increasing your LinkedIn profile strength meter to an all-star level is not so difficult.

LinkedIn Profile Strength Meter

Your LinkedIn profile strength meter is the blue-coloured circle that is located on the right-hand side of your LinkedIn profile and this profile meter helps to indicate how robust your LinkedIn profile is. There are 5 levels of gauging your profile strength which include: beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert and then all-star. The main aim of a LinkedIn user should be to get to the all-star level. It’s not so difficult or daunting to get to the LinkedIn all-star level because you do not need to always be active on LinkedIn, you just need to complete your profile well and also connect. We will show you how easy this is, just keep reading. 

improve your LinkedIn profile strength

How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile Strength

There are steps you need to follow in order for you to improve your LinkedIn profile strength and reach the LinkedIn all-star level or cross the beginner level to other levels.

  1. Use a professional photograph: Using a professional photograph is one of the requirements you need to increase your LinkedIn profile level. As you already know, LinkedIn is a professional platform so it is necessary that your profile contains a profile photo.  Profiles with empty profile photos are usually considered dormant and inactive by people who would like to view your profile and this will in turn reduce the number of people that will like to view your profile. If you have a profile photo, there is a high chance for your profile to easily be found during searches.

Try as much as you can to avoid posting pictures that are not professional such as pictures of your pets, your kids or any picture that does not reflect the business image you want to create. Your profile picture shows anyone viewing your profile that you are very professional and friendly and that you mean business.

  1. Use a captivating headline and make sure you include your industry and location: you will be provided with an option to type in a headline of up to 120 characters. Resist the urge to just type in your job title. You need to include your area of expertise which will increase your chance of being seen in searches. You can also go ahead and type in your job title, your industry, your location and other important details that will help to improve the rate at which people will view your profile. The more people view your profile the higher the chances you have to get to the all-star level.
  2. Complete the summary section of your LinkedIn profile: This is the important part of your LinkedIn profile. This is where you capture the attention of whoever visits your profile and make them glued to your profile. Here, you can talk about who you are, what you do, your achievements and also what makes you unique. Even if you are attached to a company or an organization, this area requires your personal information and not information about your company, so you need to distinguish yourself from your company. People who are visiting your profile want to know more about you and not your company or business. Make sure that you use a friendly and conversational tone and also try to keep it professional.  This section is very important if you want to achieve an all-star level on LinkedIn.
  3. Add your current position/ your work experience: Include the description of your current position on your profile with at least 2 or more descriptions of previous work positions. The more position you list on your LinkedIn profile, the more likely you will be found during searches. You can also include a volunteer position you might be interested in. Make sure your descriptions are straight to the point and you could also include your skills and other things you have accomplished. 
  4. Add your skills and expertise: Here, you need to showcase what you are really good at and the skills you have. Don’t try to sound too vague or general, just list your specialities. Adding your skills and expertise to your LinkedIn profile gives your connections the ability to recommend you in certain specific areas. You can add a minimum of 5 skills to your profile.
  5. Add your educational details: you will also need to add your educational details to your LinkedIn profile. This is important because it will allow your fellow alumni to find you and connect with you. You need to add the higher institution you attended, your degrees, awards and other information that are necessary to add in your professional profile. Don’t reserve necessary information about your educational background; you can also add the grade you had in school. Include information about your attendance if you didn’t finish a degree. If you did not complete college, just list your high school. It is better to include a few educational details than not including one at all because this will make your profile incomplete and might spark up unnecessary questions.
  6. Connect: In order to have a complete profile on LinkedIn, you need to have at least 50 or more connections. You can easily find and add people to your network you can upload contacts from Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail etc and you can log in to your personal email and check who has a LinkedIn profile. You can also browse the profile of your friend and other people you know. When you connect with them, try to write a personal message and give some context to your association.

Completing your profile on LinkedIn increases your chances of getting to the all-star level and you do not need to apply much effort to get to that level. Make sure that all the information you provide on your LinkedIn profile is correct and try to update your profile regularly.

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