How to Make Money from Reels on Facebook in 2022 -
May 28, 2023

How to Make Money from Reels on Facebook in 2022

Recently, Facebook (now Meta) introduced Tik-Tok -like reels on the Facebook social- media platform. This development is to give creative people the opportunity to make money by practising what they love. Facebook reels is a new development by Meta but has been launched by Meta in more than 150 countries. The purpose of reels is to draw more users to the Facebook application and also give content creators visibility and the opportunity to make money on the side.

Making creative reels on Facebook is one thing but making money with it is another thing. In this article, we are going to give tips on how to make money with reels on the Facebook application.

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook reels are short creative videos that include options for editing such as the addition of music, AR effects, audio and more. Facebook reels can be created by Facebook users on the Facebook app using their mobile devices and shared with their fans or in their newsfeed. These reels are created solely for entertainment purposes for fans or new audiences on Facebook and in turn, give the content creator the opportunity to earn money on the side. When people find reels they love in your newsfeed or in groups, they can follow the creators, like, comment or share the video with their friends.

Reels were majorly created using the Tik-Tok app by young adults, this feature made the Tik-Tok application very popular – the introduction of reels by Facebook is also a strategy by Meta to draw more young adults back to the Facebook application because frankly, everyone especially young adults want to do what they love and also make decent money while at it.

Each Facebook reel lasts between 30 and 60 seconds and is created according to Facebook standards and requirements. You can create reels using your mobile phone and videos can be posted either as a clip or clips or you can post an already existing video of yours as well as combine reels done in real-time with pre-existing clips.

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How to make money from Facebook reels

Some of the ways to make money from Facebook reels include:

  • Reel Pay Bonus Programme: The reel play bonus program was introduced by Meta as part of their $1billion investment plan, this program allows content creators to make money by sharing reels. Once you are eligible and get at least 1,000 views for over 30 days on Facebook, you will be paid. Currently, the Facebook bonuses are only paid to content creators who are in the ‘invite–only’ programme but in order to get paid as an ‘invite–only’ member, you need to be the original owner of the content and meet the Facebook content monetization policies.

Eligible creators are paid up to $35,000 per month based on the number of views they get from the reels they share.

  • Ads: You can also make money with Facebook reels through ads portrayed in your reels. These ads come in form of banner ads which are overlay advertisements on the bottom of your reel and sticker ads which are static images placed at any position in the reel.

How to Create Facebook Reels


Creating Facebook reels is easy. If you have a mobile phone and have the Facebook application on your phone, you can pretty much carry out every other step with ease. To begin;

  • Go to the top of your news feed or click on “create” located in the reels section of your newsfeed;
  • You can either create a new video clip or simply use already existing videos from your phone.

To get views on your reels, you need to apply a lot of brain work and try to be creative about the video you make or post. Facebook has provided a lot of editing tools that make creating reels easy and allows you to edit your clips to your preference. With the editing tools provided by Facebook, you can trim your clips to the desired length you want; you can also add stickers, effects and text to your clips. Some of the editing tools include:

  • Audio: You can make your reel lively and fun by adding music. You can decide to select music from the Facebook music library or you can use your own original audio for the reel. You can also decide to add the music you want to add before you make a video or you can decide to add music after making a video. You can also use original audio from reels created by others, just click on “use audio’ from the other person’s reel.
  • Speed: you can decide to increase the speed of your clip or slow down the speed.
  • AR Effects: Facebook has provided an array of effects you can add to your multiple video clips.
  • Timer: There is also an option to set a timer for your clips which allows you to make videos without holding your phone.
  • Multi-clip: the multi-clip feature allows you to create multiple clips at the same time into a single reel or combine different videos from your mobile device into one reel.
  • Now reels on Facebook can be made to last for up to 60 seconds.
  • You can also make a reel and save it as a draft to be used later.


For you to target the right audience and attract the number of views you need to start making money with your reels on Facebook, you need to be smart and learn how to engage your audience. No one wants to spend seconds and minutes watching what they are not interested in. The next thing to do is to find your niche and make it interesting, whether you want to focus on comedy, dancing, cooking or others, you need to be creative about what you do and also apply effort to keep your viewers always glued to your page and intrigued by what you do.

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