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May 28, 2023

How to Make Money With Facebook Reels

With the increase in the price of things and simultaneously the standard of living, people are on the quest to find substantial things to match the ever-rising economy. People take on different jobs in other to generate enough income and most people are still unaware of opportunities that can topple the income in their accounts. Social media has provided so many opportunities and one of them is how to make money with Facebook reels. Gone are the times when one is seen as a lazy person for spending so much time on their phones. You can now take advantage of the device in your hands! So, you can earn money by simply having a smartphone in hand, good content and a large audience. You can also check out our quick guide on how to create a facebook page.

What is Facebook Reels?

One may enquire what this is all about and how they can make money with Facebook reels. Alas, this is the article you’ve been hoping for so long. Facebook reels are the recent ways of creating precise and entertaining videos which will be discovered and accessible to new audiences. Your videos can be on different content ranging from sports, fashion, entertainment and otherwise. It’s just like videos on TikTok, Instagram reels and Facebook shorts. For those who have been in the system before, when I say been in the system, I mean those who have videos on their TikTok and Instagram. You can take your videos and contents from your TikTok and resurface them on your Facebook reels. Facebook reels were established to make content creators all over the world get discovered their various niches. Your Facebook reels are shared with your Facebook followers, they can also be enabled to be made available to the public. You also have options of creating reels directly from your Facebook. People can as well share compelling and entertaining content using Facebook reels. Reels on Facebook contain music, audio, texts, effects, etc. You can find them in News Feed or in Groups, and when viewing a reel on Facebook, you can easily follow the creator directly from the video, like and comment on it, or share it with friends.

Make Money With Facebook Reels

In July, Facebook announced that they would be giving one billion dollars to Facebook creators, this is where the Facebook Reels Bonus Program comes in.

Over the launch of Facebook reels, it has been made possible that content creators can monetize their content over the number of views gotten over said content or videos. This feature on Facebook includes remixes as well as sharing these reels to Facebook stories. This will encourage content creators to connect with their viewers and make money from this as a result.

Content creators are therefore obliged to make use of this opportunity to make the whooping sum of money from Facebook.

Some editing features have been made available to Facebook reels to make it easier for creators to make content. Contents such as;

Remixing: You can remix your reel, this means you can create your own reels next to another or an already existing reel.


Sixty seconds reel: The reels can be over sixty seconds long.

Save as draft: You can save your contents as drafts till you’re ready to post them.

New updates have been made for your reels to get discovered in new places such as the Facebook stories, in the watch, at the top of the feed and suggested reel in feed which is made available to audiences which does not follow you. Your reels can also get discovered when creators share their reels on groups, not only on Facebook but on other social media platforms.

You can also easily share your reels from Instagram to Facebook. With these features, you can get more ground and audience on Facebook.

How Can I Make Money with Facebook Reels?

Take your creativity to the next level and get money from it by simply making a short video of what you love doing. That is a cool shot, right? Now see how you can make money with Facebook reels. Since launching Reels, Meta tested different ways for content creators to monetize their videos, this includes the Reels Play bonus program. This program pays a bonus to creators whose reels have reached at least one thousand views within 30 days. The program pays content creators up to thirty-five thousand dollars monthly($35,000).  However, this program was strictly on invites.


As of 22nd February 2022, Mark Zuckerberg made a post stating that the Facebook reels monetization program is open to everyone globally. Yes, you can make money with Facebook reels across the globe.

A lot of creators do not know about this feature yet because they do not have it and so many people haven’t come to realize it because it was an invite-only program. This article will inform you on how to apply for this program to get invited.

Requirements foe Accessing this Program

  1. You are advised to make use of your Facebook business page in order to apply for this program. This is important for long term benefits.
  2. Start building up your platforms in order to get paid for your content. Remember, the offer is open to people who get up to one thousand views on their content over the span of 30 days. If you’re a content creator and looking forward to getting paid on this program, make use of Facebook reels.
  3. In order to get engagements, invite your friends to like your reels on Facebook.

4. Make sure you’re making original content. Contents posted on your reels must be yours. If you’re taking your videos from other platforms, you have to remove the watermark. Make use of Snaptik or similar apps.

5. Once you get eligible for the program, you have to get started before your eligibility expires.

In order to be paid, you have to break the 100 dollar threshold or that money will be held over to your next end date. So, if you don’t pay the 100 dollars, the money will roll over to your next end date.

Once you get accepted, enter your information if you’re a sole proprietor or you’re using your social security or your business name.

You also have to put in your bank details to ensure payments.

Note that Facebook audits the contents and if they find out the contents you post aren’t yours, you’ll be demonetized from the program and you will no longer make money with Facebook reels.

Here is a link to apply for the program https://www.facebook.com/creators/programs/bonuses

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