Kokuyo Design Award 2023 – International Design Competition
May 28, 2023
Kokuyo design award

Kokuyo Design Award 2023 – International Product Design Competition (Up to ¥2,000,000 in price)

Kokuyo design award for the year 2023 is currently open. The award is known as the YOKOKU award which is a special award commemorating the 20th anniversary of the KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD. Winners of the award are selected as a way to support their work. The purpose of the KUKUYO award is ‘Leading you to the exciting future of work styles and lifestyles that lies ahead’.

Up to 20 outstanding entries will be selected and they will be selected based on if their presentation sheet makes us “feel that their future will be exciting’. The theme for 2023 KOKUYO design award is ‘embrace’. Therefore they are looking for product design proposals that make people feel cheerful and also positive by accepting and acknowledging the differences between people and challenge the society facing. According to the award organizers, “Any stationary, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes ‘is eligible to be entered. Judges of the award will pay more attention to following points. “The design includes a proposal solution to some social issue”, “The design has components that makes people feel positive”, “The ideas uniqueness”, “The product designs feasibility” and “the designs potential to become a product”.

This article will provide information about the award and also provide details on all you need to know about the award.

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The benefit of the Kokuyo Design Award

Benefits of the award include:

  • The grand prize of ¥2,000,000 to the overall winner.
  • Merit award: The sum of ¥500,000 to three winners.
  • Yokoku award: the sum of ¥30,000 to up to twenty winners.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility requirements for the award include:

  • Applicants must be able to give a presentation at the final judging on March 18, 2023 (expenses incurred by the participants for travel and lodging, up to two individuals for group lodging).
  • The consent of a parent or statutory agent is required in cases where an entrant is a minor.
  • Only designs that have never been shown publicly in Japan or other countries are eligible. And designs must be the original work of the entrant.
  • Works submitted cannot have been entered into other competitions.

Criteria for judging

  • Designs submitted include a proposed solution to some social issue.
  • Designs submitted has components that make people feel positive.
  • The uniqueness of the idea.
  • The product’s design feasibility.
  • The design potential to become a product.

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Award timeline


The award opens on July 29 and closes on October 11, 2022. Winners of the competition will be announced on March 18, 2023.

Visit the award webpage on www.kokuyo.com for more information on how to apply.

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