SnapTik App Review and How to Create an Account on SnapTik
May 28, 2023

SnapTik App Review and How to Create an Account on SnapTik

Recently, a lot of people like downloading videos from various social media platforms and they want it to look original or better put, they do not want you to know where they got it from, or want the video to have a mark or symbol showcasing its source. Funny right? They keep making online research for an App that can help them achieve this and luckily a good option is the SnapTik App. This article is more about SnapTik and all the good it offers. Let’s get on with it.

What is the SnapTik App All About

SnapTik is an App that allows its users to download any video from TikTok without the addition of a watermark. With SnapTik App, you can also easily download videos from Facebook and Instagram. It can be gotten free by downloading the same from Playstore or an App store and your downloads are guaranteed to be as fast as expected.

The SnapTik App was developed by a team of experts and it’s beneficial to people all around the world. Its benefits include:

    1. Being able to download videos easily.

    2. The ability to remove the TikTok watermark logo from a video.

    3. It allows you to watch videos offline.

    4. You can edit videos and share them with friends.

    5. You do not need to log in to the Snaptik App before downloading a video.

    6. It gives you a high-quality video that can easily be uploaded on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok.


    7. Backing up the videos outside TikTok.

    8. Reposting a video on other channels or social networks.

    9. The SnapTick App takes up very little space on phones.

    10. Aside from videos, SnapTik supports MP3 and MP4 conversions.

    11. Videos downloaded have HD quality.


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Ways to Use the Snaptik App

The SnapTik App can be used on a computer or a smartphone and it’s available for android and tablet devices. Whether you’re working at home or in an office, SnapTick is always available and easy to use.

To download videos with SnapTick from TikTok, Facebook, etc. follow the instructions below:

    a. Open the App from which you want to download a video (Instagram, TikTok, among others).

    b.Click on the video that you may want to share on social media.

    c.Copy out the link.

    d.Open your SnapTick App, paste the link, and then download your video without a watermark.

    e.It may take a few minutes to process but the video will finally get into your phone gallery.

General Review

Although the SnapTick App is easy to use, you may have to battle with Ads that come off as a disturbance. A majority of persons laud the simplicity of the App, its quality as well as the easy-to-navigate environment.

Inasmuch as some Ads may dance around the screen while using the App, an occurrence that annoys some, others don’t consider it a big deal.

Moreover, the fact that videos downloaded from TikTok using SnapTick automatically lose their watermark affords anyone who downloads it the option of storing the video in the phone gallery and there could be a possibility of reposting the same video under a different content without identifying the former source of the video.

On an advanced level, the problem of fighting over the originality of video contents as regards the first source of downloaded videos has been tamed because the SnapTick App creates originality and uniqueness. It also creates room for using a particular video for multi-purposes.

As it appears, SnapTik may be more useful for people who wish to download videos from TikTok; this is because, among other social media platforms, when videos are downloaded, only TikTok includes its watermark in the video background.

If you are a brand marketer, influencer or producer on TikTok, you should probably know the value of SnapTik by now.

How to use SnapTick on an iPhone

    a. Open up your desktop browser.

    b.Visit www.tiktok.com.

    c.Go to the video you want to download.

    d.Then, press the share button at the bottom-right of the video.

    e.Click on “copy link”.

    f.Visit www.snaptick.app.

    g.Paste the URL in the box.

    h.Press download server 1.

How to Create an Account on SnapTik

Using SnapTick is as easy as brushing your teeth. That’s right. You can either visit www.snaptick.app, you’ll see a place to paste your TikTok link, paste it there. Next is, to click on download. Wait for some seconds and that’s it.

Alternatively, you can decide to download the SnapTick App and create an account by inputting the necessary details. And, when you wish to download a video, open up the App, input the URL link, and then download it.

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Alternatives to SnapTik

Let’s be clear at this point, so far, there is absolutely nothing wrong with SnapTick and they have a lot to still offer.

However, the joy in knowing that you have other alternatives that you can use whether or not you have SnapTick is still a good thing. Besides, SnapTik may be unavailable at some point, thus, these alternatives are still valuable.

These alternatives include:

  1. Snapdownloader

A real good alternative to the SnapTick App is the Snapdownloader, as it is really a high-quality TikTok video downloader, helping you download videos to your computer.

Moreover, its features are also free and you can save videos in either MP3 or MP4 format. Snapdownloader has easy features that can help you navigate through its environment and it’s very compatible with Windows and Mac devices.

2. Qoob

This is really a good choice as it can help you download more than one TikTok video at a time. Also, they can help with things related to accounts and hashtags.

Interestingly, Qoob has been built in such a way that they let their new clients try their services free of charge. They can also assist you to save captions from TikTok videos and be very selective with respect to the kind of videos you want to download.


On the whole, the SnapTick App has interesting features and you should download it to enjoy it – it is free. Whether you’re using the App or the website, it’s all easy.

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