What to Watch on Netflix in the First Half of 2022 - 13 Suggestions
May 28, 2023

Suggestions on What to Watch on Netflix in the First Half of 2022

Over the years, Netflix has housed the most talked about TV shows and award-winning series as well as movies from around the world. Apart from that, what to watch on Netflix has remained a difficult option for some; this article aims to reel out worthy suggestions.

Let’s talk about the best shows in the first half of 2022. These movies will hold you spellbound and eyes glued to your screen. Of course, movies on Netflix do have high ratings but you really would give it to these lots:

1. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On

On our journey of what to watch on Netflix, “The Ultimatum:, Marry or Move On” comes first. From the host of “Love is blind”, Nick and Vanessa Lachey, comes another reality dating show. But this would never happen in reality. Here’s the gist, currently committed couples (about to get married) are arranged to test their love by mingling with other parties, going on dates and sleeping with other potential matches. They can choose to go back to their partners or leave with someone new after the show. Can you imagine that? Funny!

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2. Anatomy of Scandal

Another captivating series. Here, a politician is accused of a terrible crime. But the thrilling part is that the focus is on the wife who’s so shocked by the revelation and forced to question the man she married.

3. Inventing Anna

I guess you’ve been hearing about this, or you’ve come across the trailer. It’s a must-watch for every young lady out there. The movie is based on Anna Delvey (aka Anna Sorokin). This series was created by Shonda Sorokin. It displays the Iconic life of Delvey which involves convincing the New York elite of her being a rich German heiress, lying her way into New York social science and scamming banks and hotels in the process. This intriguing drama stands on top three of what to watch on Netflix, on our list.


4. All of us are dead

Give it up to the South Koreans, because they do Zombie entertainment right. Have you Watched “Train to Busan, Kingdom or Alive”? This is just a replica but with a different storyline. This is filled with emotional scenes, grisly zombie gore, and turning scenes that’ll make your jaw drop.

5. Maid

Ever encountered domestic abuse? This series depicts emotional abuse i.e agonizing reality of emotionally abused victims and the lack of support that exists for vulnerable people who have left an abusive environment.

6. Too Hot to Handle


Next on the list of what to watch on Netflix is “Too Hot to Handle”. This movie is about a group of hot people trying so hard on how to control their libidos. Watching the trailer may make one sceptical at first but you’ll definitely find it entertaining in the end. It’s a reality show that revolves around 10 very attractive singles who lived together under the limitation of a caveat: a $100, 000 celibacy challenge, with any violations docking the prize amount.

7. Locke & Key

Locke & Key is based on the best-selling graphic novel series and it revolves around three siblings who discover that their family’s ancestral estate has a good number of secrets. In the movie, their dad gets murdered, and they now moved into his family home only to find out a number of mysterious keys around the house that can be used to unlock various doors in magical ways. The movie is a combination of good and evil, seeking to take control.

8. Sex Education

It’s a hilarious comedy-drama that equates to a farce, it will keep you rolling on the floor in laughter. The protagonist happens to be a difficult and insecure boy called Otis who is sexually unskilled and has a challenge masturbating, to mention but a few. His mum happens to be a sex therapist and that complicates the matter. Along the line, Otis met a rebellious girl named Maeve who proposes that they start a sex-therapy clinic together. Things escalated.

9. Clickbait

This movie prides itself in the fact that it keeps you guessing, yet ended in a very unpredictable way, far from what your guesses may look like. This Netflix series begins with the kidnapping of a family man named Nick Brewer. It started off as a kidnapping case and appeared more complicated when videos appeared with him holding a series of signs. Nick’s family members are left to figure out the strange situation.

10. Dear White People

This movie has its setting at a progressive, post-racial Ivy League: Esque college. It’s part comedy and partly drama; it reveals the way students of colour navigate the everyday micro-aggressions and slights on campus, coming from a group of white students who claim in words not to be racist, not in deeds. The movie unveils the ills of racism and societal subjugation as well as paints a picture of how to understand subconscious biases that exist as a road map towards the reduction of any form of segregation that is based on skin colour or where one comes from.

11. Schitt’s Creek

This comedy captures a good example of a grace-to-grass life. It’s a story about the Rose family as they are forced out of the comfort of their rich homes to the centre of nowhere. As the movie unfolds, you find as they try to reconstruct their old lives, not knowing that they’re building an entirely new life. It’s a must for what to watch on Netflix.

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12. Ginny and Georgia

The title of the movie are names of two central characters. Ginny and Georgia are the two women who you would never peg as having the same Myers Briggs character type, however, after moving to small-town Wellsbury, they find out that they have more things in common than they ever imagined. Moreso, their duo lives are filled with sex scandals, murder and petty social cliques. It’s a good movie after all.

13. Kim’s Convenience

A funny situational comedy that depicts a Korean Canadian Kim family that runs a convenience store in Toronto. It’s an award-winning drama that talks about the balance of cultures. You should watch it.


On what to watch on Netflix, the above-mentioned movies make a good list. Check them out.

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