Monetize Your YouTube Channel in 2022 by Following these Simple Steps
May 28, 2023

Tips on How to Monetize your YouTube Channel in 2022

YouTube is a platform where users can share videos and also watch online videos.  When you have a YouTube channel, you can create your own videos and upload them for others to see and this means that most of the videos we come across on a daily basis have a high chance of coming from YouTube. This feature makes YouTube one the most one of the most popular platforms for watching and sharing videos, more than 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute and over one billion hours of videos are viewed on YouTube by its users every day. This article will guide you on how to monetize a YouTube channel, how to create a YouTube channel and lots more.

About YouTube

YouTube is a platform where videos can be shared and viewed online and it was launched in 2005 by Steven Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim. YouTubers which is the name that people who create content on YouTube are usually called upload more than 100 hours of content every minute on YouTube, and YouTube has over one billion hours of videos watched by its users every day.

YouTube was bought by Google in the year 2006 and has grown since then to a platform that has influenced a lot of changes in society and has been known to make a lot of people popular. There is always something to watch on YouTube as YouTube has almost all the content you require. However, you can also make money from YouTube and to do this you need to become a member of the YouTube Partner Program and meet some basic requirements to become a member and also keep these requirements in mind to be able to generate revenue for yourself. 

 If you want to monetize on YouTube, you need to be sure that the content you are posting follows the monetization policy of YouTube and well as other YouTube guidelines and policies, you need to be certain you are not violating any of the requirements before proceeding. There are ways to make money using YouTube such as Advertising revenue (where you can get revenue from the display, overlay and video ads), channel memberships (your members get recurring monthly payments in exchange for what you offer), Merch (your fans get to buy official branded merchandize you showcase on your YouTube page), Super chats & Super stickers (your fans pay to get messages in live chat) and YouTube premium. Each of these ways has its own eligibility requirements to follow.

How to Monetize Your YouTube Channel

To set up your YouTube account for monetization, you need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program and this process is pretty easy. You can only start monetizing your YouTube account if you have met all the YouTube requirements for monetization and when you are sure that you have done that, follow the steps below to monetize your YouTube account:

  1. Click on the icon on the top right corner of your screen, then click on YouTube studio in the drop-down menu;
  2. When you have opened YouTube studio, on the left-hand side of your screen  find the channel menu and click on Monetization;
  3. When you get to the monetization window, click Start.

To monetize your YouTube account, you need to have an Adsense account; this account helps you to earn money from YouTube. You can also set up your monetization preferences when you are done monetizing your account. 

It takes up to 30 days for YouTube to review your application and during this process of waiting, you don’t need to stop posting videos to your account, make sure you continue posting your videos and make them SEO optimized so that your channel would get more audience. This will help you get more subscribers and increase your watch time which could be of great advantage to you in the long run. Your channel may be disabled from monetization if you haven’t posted a video or posted to the community tab for a period of six months or more.

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Requirements to Monetize YouTube Videos

  1. As we said earlier, to monetize your YouTube channel, you need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program and follow all the YouTube monetization policies.
  2. You need to live in the country or a region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. You need to have a minimum of 4,000 hours of public watch time for a period of one year. This is the total amount of time YouTube users have spent watching your YouTube channel public videos.
  4. You need to have at least 1,000 subscribers to your channel;
  5. To monetize your account, you need to make sure you have an Adsense account and not only have an Adsense account but also make sure that you have only one Adsense account and you need to connect your Adsense account to get paid. To do this, On the ‘sign up for Google Adsense’ card, click Start ( If you already have an Adsense account, you need to use the one that is already approved and link all your channels as many as your want to your Adsense account. But if you do not have an Adsense account create one by following the on-screen instructions). Once you have connected your Adsense account to your YouTube channel, the progress will be marked with a green Done sign on the Sign Up for Google Adsense card.

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