Top 10 Global Payment Gateways in 2022
May 28, 2023

Top 10 Global Payment Gateways in 2022

In the heat of 21st-century e-commerce, payment gateways are made available to online buyers or sellers. Looking at the rise in the making of payments via these gateways, this article is going to consider the top 10 payment gateways in 2022 and how they function.

What is a Payment Gateway?

First and foremost, a payment gateway is an online payment service provider that allows you to pay or accept payments online from universal buyers or sellers, in varied currencies. Looking at the top 10 payment gateways will reveal what they are all about, their features, etc.

The world has indeed moved on with online payment service providers and companies in the online space have equally resorted to transacting using these online payment gateways.

It is important to note that before getting a payment gateway for your online business, you need to really look around and verify which service providers offer more suitable features for you and at what prices. After that, you then have to reach the ones you think will be suitable for you by considering their features, subscription charges etc.

The top 10 payment gateways that this article considers will be based on the top features they offer and which of them according to popular opinion are best suitable for business needs. They include:

    1. PayPal

In considering the top 10 payment gateways, PayPal comes first on our list. It is an online payment gateway provider that offers you a feature that allows you to easily pay or receive money in exchange for goods and services you decide to buy or sell.

Its top features include:


    a. Making payments to millions of online stores.

    b.Payment using cryptocurrency.

    c.Sending money to your dear ones.

    d.Payment by scanning the QR code of the seller.

    e.’Pay in 4′ feature, allowing customers to buy anything they want and then pay for it later, in 4 instalments.


PayPal allows you to receive payments in hundreds of currencies. It’s a very popular and easy-to-use payment gateway.

Note: No payment fees are required when paying through PayPal if you are a buyer unless a currency conversion is involved.

    2. Authorize.Net

This payment gateway is better known for helping to protect users from fraud. It is a Visa solution that aims at making simple payment processes, by allowing a user to accept online payments through the use of credit or debit cards, e-checks, etc.

Top features:

    a. Accepting payments online at your retail or online store.

    b.Accepting payments using a card reader.

    c.Sending transaction receipts to customers via emails.

    d.It houses an Advanced Fraud Detection Suite that helps to identify, manage and prevent suspicious fraudulent transactions.

    e.It automatically pays or accepts recurring payments.

    3. Stripe

This is a renowned and trusted payment provider that offers you powerful APIs, 99. 9% uptime, to mention but a few, for businesses of every magnitude.

Top features:

    a. Getting advanced fraud detection tools.

    b.Creating and sending invoices.

    c.It supports about 135 currencies and several local payment methods.

    d.Keeping data secure and encrypted, etc.

top 10 payment gateways

    4. 2Checkout

2Checkout is a monetization platform founded in 2006, and it serves more than 180 countries around the world. It is a payment gateway that helps you increase sales by making the checkout process easy for your buyers.

Top features:

    a. Making or accepting global payments instantly.

    b.Recurring billing.

    c.It gives access to about 45 payment methods.

    d.Global tax and regulatory compliance.

top 10 payment gateways

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5. Adyen

Our top 10 payment gateways will not be complete without a worthy mention of Adyen. It was founded in 2006 as a payment platform that allows you to accept payments for the goods or services you sell. Interestingly, it has offices in 24 locations around the world.

Top features:

    a. Getting any payment method to added at the checkout.

    b.It has Artificial Intelligence-based protection tools.

    c.It has recurring payment solutions, among other interesting features.

6. Payline

It provides you with payment processing solutions based on your individual needs. In addition, it offers interesting features for easing up the checkout process.

Top Features:

    a. It has tools for easy checkout, refunds, and sending transaction receipts, among others.

    b.It can send invoices.

    c.It affords easy integration with online payment tools.

    d.It has a mobile application for taking payments, instantly calculating taxes, etc.

    7. Braintree

Braintree has an affiliation with PayPal. It allows you to accept global payments immediately, through various popular payment methods. Braintree is above 20 years and it aims at increasing your sales by delivering a modernized payments experience to customers.

Top features:

    a. Giving you access to popular payment methods.

    b.Making the checkout process easy and quick

    c.Protecting users against the fraudulent transaction, etc.

top 10 payment gateways

    8. WePay

WePay is known for having a powerful API. It is a company of Chase Bank. It offers users a platform that is capable of processing payments, payouts and cash management.

Top features:

    a. It offers multiple methods of receiving payments.

    b.It has a Card Tokenization feature that allows you to save sensitive data, etc.

    9. AmazonPay

AmazonPay offers opening doors for hundreds of millions of Amazon customers to shop with you.

Top features:

    a. Ensuring a faster checkout process.

    b.Allowing customers to pay without having to create a new account, etc.

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10. Skrill

To complete our list as regards the top 10 payment gateways, Skrill must be mentioned. It is one of the best payments gateways that are available for free. It allows you to transfer money to your friends, see currency conversion rates, trade in cryptocurrencies and earn by referring a friend.

It has a lot of interesting features such as:

    a. Being able to transfer money to a bank account with no fees attached.

    b. Get $10 off on your next payment when you refer a friend.

    c.Buying and selling of cryptocurrencies, etc.

top 10 payment gateways


The above listed top 10 payment gateways are so essential that their existence offers online and physical store owners available options to suggest to their customer’s multiple payment gateways to pay through.

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