Top Multi-level Marketing Companies in 2022 -
May 28, 2023

Top Multi-level Marketing Companies in 2022

Multi-level marketing companies (also known as MLM companies) are companies that operate based on network marketing or referrals. These companies give people the opportunity to make money by marketing, selling their products and also introducing new representatives to the business. Most of the MLM companies are interested in making products that help improve health as well as the general well-being of people while registering people that will stand as representatives and help market these products as well as recruit other people to join the business for a certain commission. What this means is that if you are working for an MLM company, you do not need to visit the company directly to be able to market their products, you can do your business from anywhere you want and still earn your passive income.

MLM companies have gained a lot of popularity recently and since the start of Covid-19, these companies have gained even more popularity because registered members do not have to leave their houses to sell products and make money –all thanks to the advancement in technology and digitalization. Registering with an MLM company has its own advantages and also some disadvantages, however, to understand how they operate, you need to first know what an MLM company is all about and what being a registered member entails.

This article will highlight some of the top-level Multi-level marketing companies in 2022 and also give you information on how they work.

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How do MLM companies Really Work?

As said earlier, an MLM company operates on network marketing and referrals. When you register with an MLM company, you make income by selling their products and registering other representatives and distributors. This implies that when you or any other person you have registered to your team sells a product, you get some form of commission. You also earn money by registering other representatives and if they recruit other representatives to join their team and also sell products, you get a commission. This becomes a pattern that earns you passive income over time.

The advantage of registering with an MLM company is that apart from giving you the means to earn a passive income, you also have ample time to do other things. Working under an MLM company exposes you to lesser risk even though they give you an opportunity to run a smaller business under the umbrella of their company. The company bears whatever losses they experience more and if you are financially smart, you can only experience an insignificant amount of loss.

When you register as a member of an MLM company, you might be required to buy a start-up pack you can market with. To succeed as a registered member of an MLM company, you need to find a product you love and can defend easily, be smart about selling the product, be genuine, build trust, advertise your products and do not make it a do or die affair – only sell to people who are interested in what you have to sell.

Multi-level Marketing Companies

The list of the top multi-level marketing companies in 2022, ranked according to growth potential, expansion, financial security, number of distributors and other factors are as follows:

  • Amway: Amway is an MLM company that deals with the production of health, beauty and home care products. As of 2018, Amway boasted of generating $8.8B in reported sales. Some of their products include Nutrilite, Artistry, iCook, eSpring and others. Amway has been able to register more than 3 million people who generate income as an Amway affiliate.

Multi-level marketing companies

  • Mary Kay: As of 2018, Mary Kay was the 6th network marketing company in the world and has grown to become a household name when it comes to beauty products. To start as a distributor for Mary Kay, you will need to buy a $100 starter- pack to qualify. Marketers under Mary Kay are known as beauty consultants and currently, Mary Kay has over 2.5 million consultants. Annually, Mary Kay makes sales of about $3.5 billion and currently operates in more than 30 countries.

  • Vasayo: Vasayo is one of the new MLM companies that have grown to become one of the top-ranked multi-level marketing companies. Vasayo produces a wide range of health and nutritional products. They are the producers of Microlife Nutritionals Essentials, Microlife Nutritionals Energy, Microlife Nutritionals Renew and Microlife Nutritionals Sleep. Vasayo claims that while most of the supplements produced in the market are not properly absorbed by the body, 90% of their supplements are absorbed in the body.  As a distributor for Vasayo, you can sell products and register people to join your team while your rank increases including your commissions. Some of their bonuses include trip opportunities and other bonuses.

  • doTerra: One of the popular producers of essential oils and related products has made it to our list as one of the top-ranked multi-level marketing companies. Founded in 2008 by David Stirling, doTerra has grown rapidly to the point that the company made a whopping sum of $5 million dollars in their first 5 years of business.  As a distributor for doTerra, you will be given discounts on product purchases and also paid bonuses for every sale. With the world currently moving their focus on having and maintaining healthy skin, there is a huge possibility that you can make a decent income from doTerra if you take advantage of the growing trend and target the right audience to sell your product with ease.

Multi-level marketing companies

  • Young Living: Young Living is another major producer of essential oils – has made a name from selling pure, natural oils. Founded in 1993 by Gary Yong, this multi-level marketing company has grown to become one of the top-ranked MLM companies in the world and has registered thousands of distributors. Distributors of Young Living products earn commissions when they sell products to customers or when other distributors registered in their team make sales.  However, to qualify for a commission as a distributor for young living, you are required to make a purchase worth $100 monthly.

Multi-level marketing companies

  • New U Life: New U Life is an MLM company that produces anti-ageing products. Their anti-ageing products are said to contain a homoeopathic growth hormone. In 2018, New U Life announced that they sold more than 500,000 bottles of their Somaderm gel which they claim contain properties that elevate growth hormone levels. In as much as they are focused on health and general well being, their products are not for use by people below 18 years old. As a distributor of New U Life products, you should automatically know who your target audience is. To make commissions and also grow in your level as a distributor, you should focus your attention on selling products to people who are above 35 years old.


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  • Herbalife: Herbalife has become one of the top-ranking MLM companies focused on producing nutritional products and supplements. In 2010, Herbalife was said to be one of the most profitable companies in Los Angeles according to the Los Angeles Business Journal and in 2018 the company made sales of $4.9 billion with their products making sales in over 90 countries in the world.


Having discussed what an MLM company is and how they work, we need to also make you understand that most of these top-ranked Multi-level marketing companies are very much different from Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes. Although there are companies that have emerged as MLM companies that later turned out to be practising pyramid schemes, however, some of these top-ranked MLM companies have proved to practice a business model that is very much different from pyramid schemes. As an individual trying to get a passive income by becoming a distributor in an MLM company, you need to carry out extensive research on the company you intend to distribute for, make sure they are running a legit business model and also offer quality products.

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