www.walgreenslistens.com survey - Official Walgreens Listens Survey
May 28, 2023

www.walgreenslistens.com survey – Official Walgreens Listens Survey – Win $3,000

Before we delve completely into Walgreens Survey, let’s answer the question on what Walgreens is all about. Walgreens is a pharmaceutical company based in America. This company is one of the biggest and highest ranked companies in America. Walgreens tries to solve problems as well as enhance the quality of the experience for each customer. Walgreens is the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the United States. This company is made up of a number of specialists in health and wellness products, as well as certain details regarding photography services. The company presently operates more than eight thousand one hundred and seventy-five (8175) stores.

They try to achieve this by collecting the opinion of various users spread across the different parts of the country. This movement is how the Walgreens Survey started. Therefore, While answering the Walgreens Survey, give only correct and honest answers to all the questions being asked. Do not be hesitant to give negative comments whenever you get bad experiences.

In November 2020, Walgreens started inviting their customers to get involved in an online survey. This survey is for customers to provide feedback about their experience at their store. In exchange for participation, customers get the chance to win a check for three thousand dollars. ($3,000) In any case, if you have made a recent purchase at any of their stores, the receipt given to you will be valid for the next seventy-two (72) hours.

What is WalgreensListen?

WalgreensListens is an online survey portal, here you can participate in the survey, and give yourself an opportunity to win some lucrative rewards. This survey can be taken at any time, on any device, and from any location. This survey in turn helps the company to identify how well the customers were satisfied with their services.

In this Walgreens feedback Survey, users need to share their opinion and experiences with the company based on a recent visit to Walgreens. The company runs the survey for a certain period to gain enough opinion from the users. The survey number reaches a certain point they would rap it off. And start analysing the opinions provided by users and improve them accordingly.

If anyone has a recent visit to the Walgreens store and, is able to recall their experiences at the Walgreens store then he/she can participate in the Walgreens Customer satisfaction feedback survey.

In these articles, we have discussed the full stepwise procedure to take part in the Walgreens Customer feedback survey and how you can win a gift card worth $3000 at WalgreenListens.com. Just you need to follow all the procedures mentioned to be a participant in the feedback survey and become eligible to win the gift card.

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Requirements for participating in the Survey

  • It is essential for you to have a super speedy Internet
  • You must have either a laptop or a Personal Computer, a smartphone or a tablet.
  • You must have a good knowledge and mastery of English or Spanish. Either of the two is mandatory.
  • You must give a working web address.
  • You must have the receipt of a recent visit to the pharmacy. (This requirement is only for the online surveys).

If you are sure you can meet up with the required criteria, you can now move unto the next step. Which is checking out the rules to take part in the Walgreens survey.

Note that: You are not obligated to make payments for you to participate in this survey.

Invitations will not be printed for purchases that are made online.

You will be responsible for any telephone charge, or charges given by your internet provider.

The odds of winning this entry depend on the total number of entries that are eligible.


People who haven’t made any purchase at Walgreens are obligated to enter their sweepstakes by hand printing their name, complete address, age, and both their daytime and evening phone numbers three times five (3× 5) on a piece of paper then mail it in an envelope.

What are the rules to participate in the Walgreens Survey?

For you to participate in the survey, you gave to meet the following requirements;

1. You must have a legal residency in the United States in other to complete the survey.

2. You must be older than 18 years.

3. Employees and family members of employees of Walgreens are not permitted to participate in the survey.

4. Ensure that you complete this survey within seventy-two hours of your purchase.

5. If you come to turn out to be the winner of the prize, within the 14 days of your survey, you must claim your prize.

6. Also, note that a winner is responsible for all taxes, both state and federal.

7. You must have valid proof of purchase, before participating in this survey.

Steps to participate in the WalgreensListens Survey

To participate in the Walgreens listens Survey, the first step is to connect your device to the Internet. It is important that your internet connection be stable.

  1. Visit the official website of Walgreens Survey at www.walgreenslistens.com
  2. Put in your Walgreens Survey code as well as your password for the same
  3. Put in the time and date of your visit to the Walgreens
  4. Tap on “Start” after putting in your details
  5. You will be asked questions regarding your last visit to the Walgreens
  6. WalgreensListens Survey involves questions that are related to your experience based on products, cleanliness, services, etc.
  7. Please, correctly answer all the answers
  8. When you successfully complete the survey, you will be enabled to claim lucrative rewards
  9. You will be given some gifts such as gift vouchers, gift cards,  etc. as an appreciation gift for providing feedback on their survey.

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Questions To Expect At WalgreensListens Survey

During the Walgreenlistens Surveys, users will see some questions which they have to answer at the WalgreensListens survey site www.walgreenslistens.com.

Questions to be asked during the Survey are the opinions of customers/ Users on the following;

The Availability of the desired products.

Staff co-operation and

The Cleanliness at the store.

Fairly answer the questions. Make use of the scoring alternative close to the questions in ranking them during the assessment.

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